The Dragon Era was a fierce time of war in which dragons and dragonkin engaged in a horrific war with the men, elves, beast races, and chaotic races (goblins and orcs). Dragon kind believed that humanity was small and pathetic, and deserved to be mastered and shepherded by greater beings such as themselves. Changelings left their mountains and began taking humans as thralls and slaves. Dragonkin engaged in brutal wars of sword, bow, and magic, and eve rode the great and mighty dragon bests themselves into battle.

Not all dragons engaged in combat; in fact, some fought for humanity's cause. As the humans began to lose, the elves turned their backs and receded from the war, and goblins and orcs went into hiding. Seeing no other alternative, mages and scholars looked into learning the ancient powers of draconic magic. On the brim of despair, they discovered how to manipulate its power, and used it against them

After decades, the dragons and dragonkin almost went extinct before forming a pact with men. Never again would they use draconic magic, so long as the dragons remained silenced.