Elven Dovahdinok

A Dragonkin

Dragonkin are dragons who have forms similar to men, but hold no relation. They hold all of the blood of a dragon, and use the same magic. Their histories and origins are unknown, but legend says that an evil lord used draconic magic to consume the souls of dragons and imbue them in men.


They have pointed ears, pastel eyes, and colored scaly bodies with especially large scales on their spine and the fronts o, f their arms and legs. Their underbellies consist of a thinner, more flexible layer of smaller scales. While the males have ram-like horns that protrude forward, female Dragonkin feature horns that protrude behind them.

Though they cannot fly with their wings, they are not considered flightless. The Dragonkin can glide and break falls with their wings, and some even use magic to imbue strength in their wings to allow them to fly. It is also not uncommon for a dragon who is good friends with a Dragonkin allow the privelage of riding on their back.


Dragonkin did not maintain contact with humans after the Dragon Era, as they had newly found respect for them. The Dragonkin are honorable, noble, and proud. Sometimes, their nobility and pride can lead to boastfulness.

Dragonkin find entertainment in catching prey and following through with successful strategies. Their religion consists of small pleas of gratitude for their presence to an unknown deity, as well as sacred rituals to pride their magics.

Like dragons, Dragonkin are immortal by age, and never cease to grow in power and wisdom. Adventurers will find that Dragonkin are not far at all from Dragons.

There are some Dragonkin who are not as inherently wise as their elders, and are stuck in their foolish, prideful, and even childish ways. They normally do not do anything major to insult the other dragon kind or subject themselves to justice, but they do enjoy ravaging unsuspecting adventurers and caravans.


Dragonkin live in a unique society similar to a militaristic ranking system, with powerful respect for each other. One is not simply "ordered" what to do, but the Dragonkin and dragons both lead patriarchal societies, with dragons held in greater respect than Dragonkin. Thus, the line of respect would go: male dragon, female dragon, male Dragonkin, then female Dragonkin. For two individuals who were in the same category, the greater respect would go to the eldest.


Changelings are Dragonkin who have mastered a form of draconic magic in which they take on a different form. Many Dragonkin and even Dragons are able to do this, but a Changeling one who can transform without any flaws. i.e. No scales, fangs, wings, talons, pastel eyes, discoloration, etc.

Natural PerksEdit

The Dragonkin have all of the natural perks of dragons. They have an affinite breath reservoir, night vision, and more finely tuned senses than any of the other races. Their scales are not as strong as a dragons, and provide less of a natural armor.


Dragons and Dragonkin fall under one of the following affinities: Fire, water, earth, storm, poison, and nature. The affinity has no known affect on the personality of a dragon.

Breath ReservoirEdit

Dragonkin, and especially dragons, have a reservoir attached to their trachea which allows a certain unique ability for it's holder. For those those with fire and poison affinities, it generates an acidic gas which, for fire dragons, is highly flammable even in low to medium temperatures, and for poison dragons, is harmful and even lethal to breathe. For water, earth, and storm dragons, it stores and contains compressed icy-water, dust, or static air (respectively). For nature dragons, the reservoir contains free-floating stem cells, which can quickly mutate to heal or grow something.