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The Elven Wars were a series of wars amongst the Elves. It consisted mainly of Forya (see High Elves*) fighting against Drow (see Dark Elves*), and the cause was the birth of Dark Magic*.

The Fall of DrowEdit

At first, the ancient races were one, who lived in prosperity and comfort. The entire continent of Amonwë (or Amonwey) was populated only by the Forya. They were going through a significant increase in knowledge and understanding. Scholars were discovering all of the schools of magic available to them, and uncovering the possibility of there being more than one deity. The end of their enlightening age came with Dark Magic.

Many scholars were bent on discovering all forms of magic and uncovering all of their mysteries. Dark Magic was a magic that enabled them to control and manipulate life, death, and beyond death. Nobody knows how exactly the Drow's skin became black. Some say it was a curse from the gods of righteousness; others believe it was a blessing from the demons of evil. More skeptical researchers believe that some users of Dark Magic accidentally tainted their spirits and souls, darkening their skin and hardening their personality.

The Separation of ElvesEdit

As the Drow grew in population, the began living outside of the shadows and in the open. This was displeasing to many of the Forya, as they saw them as a blight on their existance and abominations in the sight of their gods. As the races turned on each other, the battles became a war. Many Drow stayed and fought, while others migrated east and began populating the other half of Amonwë. The war became brutal, and though it nearly stopped the progress the Elves were making through arcane and holy means, it boosted strategic understanding and tool and weapon efficiency for both races.

However, many of the other Foryans were torn about this. Whether they didn't like fighting or believed the Dark Elves reserved their rights to worship, they left Amonwë. Some made civilizations in the woodlands, and became known as Kelvar, or Tree Elves*, while others sought out peace on different continents, eventually becoming the nomadic Khiasa, or Sea Elves*. The Kelvar and Khiasa were born through evolutionary means, and as such were not considered separate from the Forya until the New Age.


After years of the war, the Drow and Forya withdrew their battles, and made a territorial truce.

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