Templar on White Horse by dashinvaine

The Purge was a series of crusades led by the holy church of Antosh, an ancient order long since passed. The Followers of Antosh, lead by their Sybil, began with condemning magic as unholy, and banned it from use by their followers.

For over half a century this remained, until King Torrik, a devout Follower of Antosh, became the Sybil ordered all mages in the country to be killed. Furthermore, bounty hunters and holy crusaders who sought out and killed mages in other countries would be well paid. Magic declined quickly, and still today it remains rare and mysterious. Their only cause for survival was to go in hiding until King Torrik and the Followers of Antosh died.

To this day, very few humans or elves are able to practice their magic, though Holy, Elemental, and Clairvoyant magics have been made legal, leaving the others in the dust.